The Nasiona‘s internship program aims to contribute to the development of editors, journalists, writers, scholars, and those interested in the publishing industry.

What do Nasiona interns do?

Interns are full members of our operation. Depending on their background and aspirations, they are able to gain experience in different areas:

  • investigating, writing, and/or editing articles/posts for the magazine
  • conducting interviews
  • building partnerships in the industry and with individuals and organizations that may benefit from what we offer
  • helping us grow our community of readers and contributors
  • you’d be mentored by the Editor-in-Chief, who would involve you in the behind-the-scenes conversations

We also encourage interns to pitch original pieces and ideas that can help our organization more effectively fulfill our mission. Want to give a podcast a shot? Why not! Want to run a reading event sponsored by The Nasiona? Sign us up for the open mic! Want to create a contest? You’ve got our support!

We’re open to creativity and innovation. In fact, this is essential to our DNA. Since we’re just getting started, we’re looking to use guerrilla tactics to get on the radar of the very people who would enjoy what we create for the world, and we want to dream up ingenious ways to present our content.

Pique your interest?

Skills and attitude

Along with curiosity, drive, and ambition, a love for creative nonfiction and an alignment with what we are about is a must. We are also looking for someone who’s willing to learn but who does not have to be micro-managed. Since the internship program is a remote opportunity (unless you’re in hilly San Francisco), you’ll be working independently. You will, however, need to have secure access to the internet, as we do everything online.

Ideally, you have some experience in the spaces we service, but don’t discount yourself. If you have the desire to learn and produce, we’re willing to teach and mentor. We would like to work with individuals who want to gain practical and philosophical experience about the industries we cradle. Our hope is to find interns who can use us as a ladder so they can get closer to where they want to be.

Internship cost

The internship program is free. We are grateful for your time and energy. We are, unfortunately, not in the position to offer paid internships.

Length of the internship program

A minimum of three months is required for interns to work with The Nasiona.

How to intern

To be considered for the internship program, contact us with a paragraph or two outlining the following:

  • why you are interested in volunteering your time
  • what piqued your interest
  • where would you like to be in 5 years and how you think The Nasiona can help you get there
  • and when and for how long you are available

Also, please send us a short bio, resume, and your portfolio or clips (if applicable). Please feel free to write us with any questions. We look forward to welcoming you to the Nasiona family.

Internship Program Form