The Nasiona Writing Prompts League, Season 1 Stats & Rankings

Through 5 of 6 season tournaments

About the league

We will post a new prompt periodically throughout the year, to which writers may respond in 100 or fewer words. Each tournament will be a bracket-style tournament. The Nasiona editors and readers will vote on which submitted pieces advance to the next round of the bracket, and so on, until a winner and runner-up are crowned. The winner takes home 35% of the $$ pot and the runner-up takes home 15% of the $$ pot.

Tell your friends and writing groups. The more competitors, the bigger the competition, and the larger the payout!

Each tournament winner and runner-up automatically qualify for the seasonal finals along with the next 12 highest ranked competitors at the end of the season. Seasonal winners and runners-up will qualify for the annual tournament, where we will crown The Nasiona Annual Writing Prompts Champion!

For tournament #6, the last one of the season, we will start the first round with a group round-robin. This means that there is still a chance for you to move up in the rankings and potentially qualify for the seasonal final tournament! Deadline to submit for tournament #6 is April 30th, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. PDT. The prompt for tournament #6 is: WHEN I LEARNED I WAS DIFFERENT.

For us, art is the process of selection, and we want to read exceptionally told, processed, and crafted stories with an economical use of language. Move us, make us feel, make it carnal so it inundates our senses, impact us in a way that the imagery, concepts, experience, moments, etc., linger with us long after we’ve read it.


TOP 20

Lee Parpart • Kimm Brockett Stammen • Barrak Alzaid • Rupa Wood • Kara Knickerbocker • Ericka Lutz • Cathryne Claudio • Mark Todd • Shannon O’Neill • Sarah Berger • Katherine Silke • Dominique Margolis • Carson Pynes • Chasita Olivas • Bailey Henderson • Kyrié Eleison Owen • Nassya Sol • Molly Johnsen • Sarah Chavera Edwards • Maria Ornelas-June • Kate E. Lore

Season 1 League Leaders: Stats & Rankings

Rankings are based on the most wins, then win percentage, then average vote percentage.

A season consists of 6 tournaments. We have currently completed 5 of the 6 season tournaments.

View results of each tournament and read the best submissions here.

Submit to tournament #6 today!

 # of Tournaments playedWhich tournaments enteredMatches playedWinsLossesWin %Average Vote %# of votes1st Place finishes2nd Place finishes3rd Place finishesPrize winnings $ in USD
Lee Parpart21, 576185.7175.7625/331  30.8
Kimm Brockett Stammen1355010090.9110/111  30.8
Barrak Alzaid21, 365183.3371.4310/141  92.4
Rupa Wood23, 465183.3370.5912/171  33.6
Kara Knickerbocker21, 375271.4368.7511/16 1 39.6
Ericka Lutz1575271.4365.7123/35  1 
Cathryne Claudio124401001008/81  22.4
Mark Todd14541808012/15 1 14.4
Shannon O’Neill15541806416/25    
Sarah Berger21, 364266.6769.239/13 1 13.2
Katherine Silke24, 5844504012/30  1 
Dominique Margolis1564266.6756.6717/30 1 13.2
Carson Pynes1243175756/8 1 9.6
Chasita Olivas114317566.676/9  1 
Bailey Henderson114317563.647/11    
Kyrié Eleison Owen15532606817/25    
Nassya Sol135326054.556/11  1 
Molly Johnsen15532605213/25    
Sarah Chavera Edwards1432166.6777.787/9    
Maria Ornelas-June1132166.6771.435/7    
Kate E. Lore1332166.6771.435/7    
Karen DeBonis1432166.6766.676/9    
Lucy Wilde1332166.6766.674/6    
Ara Hagopian1332166.6766.674/6    
Emily Skinner1132166.6762.55/8    
Sara Brown1132166.6762.55/8    
Jenny Yang Cropp15422506012/20    
Jonathan Andrew Pérez15422506012/20    
Leah Richards1242250504/8  1 
Simué Rose Isabel21, 54225046.156/13    
Gina Sampaio24, 54225042.866/14    
Susan Niz142115066.674/6    
L.C. Konrath142115066.674/6    
Susana Molinolo1121150603/5    
Rachel Kellner1121150603/5    
Joshua Reisig1121150603/5    
Caroline Bühler1421150503/6    
Teresa Berkowitz1421150503/6    
Casey Mulligan Walsh1421150503/6    
Court Castaños1221150502/4    
Kellie Kreiss1221150502/4    
Rebecca Arrowsmith1221150502/4    
ShuJen Walker1321150502/4    
Alyssa Dorsey1321150502/4    
Taylor Irwin1321150502/4    
LindaAnn LoShiavo1321150502/4    
Joyce Chen1121150402/5    
Logan Bishop1121150402/5    
Patricia Smorzewski1121150402/5    
Patrice Assiongbon Sowanou142115033.332/6    
Gina Blitstein21, 431233.3337.53/8    
Brent Gudzus21, 331233.3333.332/6    
Alex Wells Shapiro21, 331233.3328.572/7    
Leah Fisher1541325306/20    
Shane Vande Brake1541325204/20    
McKenna Hall151010402/5    
Steph Tan151010402/5    
Victoria Lewis151010402/5    
Lindsey Grant151010402/5    
Carly Lewis11101033.331/3    
Dev Jannerson11101033.331/3    
Ernest Ragogini14101033.331/3    
Louisa Bacio14101033.331/3    
Cassandra Seel14101033.331/3    
Yvette Nipar151010201/5    
Kimberly Horg12101000/2    
Deanna Baringer12101000/2    
Diana Raab12101000/2    
Elder Gideon12101000/2    
Peter Prizel12101000/2    
Emily Skinner12101000/2    
Jon Meyers11101000/2    
Suzanne Hartmann11101000/2    
Diane Gottlieb11101000/2    
Zoe Loos11101000/2    
Celeste Leeds-Laliberte11101000/2    
Isaac Winters11101000/2    
Maha Ahmed11101000/2    
Victoria Buitron11101000/2    
Nico Elliot (NB)11101000/2    
Elena Ender11101000/2    
Callie Connelly11101000/2    
Ben Kim Paplham13101000/2    
Mel Sherrer13101000/2    
Janice McCrum13101000/2    
Brenda Gonzalez13101000/2    
Juan Manuel Sandoval13101000/2    
Momin uz Zaman13101000/2    
Kelly A. Dorgan13101000/2    
Doug Canter13101000/2    
J Grant14101000/3    
Gabrielle Grilli14101000/3    
Jean Ann Owens14101000/3    
Liz DeGregorio14101000/3    
Kelly Eden14101000/3    
Lauren Schenkman14101000/3    
David Fuchs14101000/3    
Ian MacMenamin15101000/5    
John Wykle15101000/5    
Tanner Armatis15101000/5    
Mackenzie Gellner15101000/5    
Mara Beneway23, 4202000/5    
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