The Nasiona is a volunteer-led nonfiction storytelling organization that humanizes the Other by amplifying the voices and experiences of the systemically marginalized, undervalued, overlooked, silenced, and forgotten. Guided by a social justice compass, we actively work toward dismantling systems of oppression and creating a cultural shift through a community-centered podcast, magazine, publishing house, and internship program. We currently focus on the following story topics: being Latina/o/x, being mixed-race, LGBTQIAA+, diaspora and immigration, and womanhood and trauma, as well as stories that glimpse into Othered worlds.

In an age when telling the difference between reality and delusion is frighteningly labyrinthine, we focus on creative works based on facts, truth-seeking, human concerns, real events, and real people, with a personal touch.

From liminal lives to the marginalized, and everything in between, we promote narrative-led nonfiction stories that explore the spectrum of human experience. We believe that the subjective can offer its own reality and reveal truths some facts can’t discover.

We’re a diversity-friendly organization that values multicultural and multi-experience perspectives on what it means to be human. We look to erase borders, tackle taboos, resist conventions, explore the known and unknown, and rename ourselves to claim ourselves.

Our podcast is an extension of the magazine—where we bring the words to life.

Our publishing house began publishing nonfiction book-length manuscripts in 2019.

We founded The Nasiona in the summer of 2018 in California.

Though based in hilly San Francisco Bay Area, the world is our home. 

The Nasiona depends on voluntary contributions from readers like you. We hope the value of our work to the community is worth your patronage. If you like what we do, please show this by financially supporting our work through our Patreon donation platform.

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