Social Clues


3. The next level in a friendship. You’re beginning to realize this makes you uncomfortable, but you’re not sure why.

4. Not together. Separated by distance.

7. That which ties two things, or two people, together. What you’re lacking with others but not sure how to build.

9.  How you feel sometimes when you are (see 5 down). Or sometimes when you are with other people but feel no (see 7 across).

10. The people who, apart from family, are most important to you. But sometimes you fear you have none who are close.

12. Power of comprehending. What you look for in people’s eyes, in their words, for reassurance.

13. Opposite of “same”.

15. What you were taught to do with your toys in kindergarten. What people do on Facebook. What you don’t know how to do with your innermost thoughts and feelings.

17. What you long for when you see two people embrace. Third in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. What you want unconditionally. What you are ready to give.


1. State of containing nothing. Feeling of something missing, lacking. Physical sensation that bores a hole in your gut.

2. Tied for third in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. What you crave when you see other people talking and laughing together.

5. By yourself, not with others. It’s not always bad because sometimes you need your privacy, your autonomy, to spend time with your thoughts. But other times you feel this way in the world.

6. What you hoped for last week when you submitted a story to a literary journal. What you seek from other people.

8. Done or existing alone. One letter away from the card game. Two letters away from another word that means unity or mutual support within a group.

11. Physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury. The dull ache that returns when you are left out, once again.

14. English rock band from the 80s: ____ for Fears. What you hide, what you shed at night on your pillow.

16. What springs eternal and what you cling to on the hardest of days.


Eve Krakow

Eve Krakow lives in Montreal, Quebec. Her work has appeared in Glint Literary JournalJMWW JournalMaisonneuve Magazinelichen literary journal and SHY: An Anthology. Through her writing, she seeks to connect with others by giving form to that quiet yet insistent inner voice.




Featured image: Artwork by Girl With Red Hat on Unsplash.

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