Five Poems by Ashlee Lusch


I do not know how to say what I am. Label me if you must.

All I know is this:

Nobody loves women as much as I love women.


Not only do I want to look at her

I cannot stop.

My eyes start to bleed

My heart begins to (tear) drop. 

My skin turns to scales

I become the sand

When I wonder

What man is lucky enough to become parched?


I placed the bookmark between the pages

Of vulnerability.

I creased the corner on the page                                   

with directions to my heart.

I painted a picture of my soul               

for the cover.

I handed her the book

I thought she was the one who would master the fluency of my Love.

Did I mistake her authenticity?

Is she a chameleon?

The cut

I had the power to stop it.

How can I claim to be powerless?

The promises of binding me, tying me with a ball and chain                               


My ears try to convince my mind.

My heart and body here to remind me                          

Potential is a knife                                                                                

embedded in my heart.

Not a toy

I wanted to immortalize her

But now I am tired of talking.

Ashlee Lusch

As a professional, I have two degrees, one in Paramedicine and another in Applied Management. I have no formal writing education outside of High School and required courses for my degrees. As a person, I am queer, non-binary, and a special needs parent. I love hard and deeply and have always used my voice to advocate. Aside from those characteristics and experiences, I am also a hopeless romantic. It has been painful at times, but I can’t change it. So I decided to write about it.

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