Are you writing a memoir, a novel, a research article, a dissertation, short stories, poetry, an anthology, or any other kind of document?  If so, we may be your one-stop editing, proofreading, and formatting solution. Consider us your personal editor, as we take on a manageable number of clients so we can offer a human-centric, personalized, and collaborative approach to your writing needs.

To learn about the professional background of our head editor Julián Esteban Torres López, go here.


We specialize in creative nonfiction and nonfiction, but also serve poetry and fiction authors. We prioritize book-length manuscripts, but are happy to assist with manuscripts of any length.

Cultural Sensitivity Reading

We read for offensive content, misrepresentation, stereotypes, bias, lack of understanding, etc. We create a report outlining the problems we find and offer solutions to improve the literary quality of the work.


We recommend proofreading for the last stage of editing, right before you are ready to send your manuscript for publication consideration or to your publisher for layout and formatting. We focus on the accuracy and correctness of grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and word usage.

Line Editing (Copyediting)

We correct problems with grammar, style, repetition, word usage, and jargon. We look for consistency and effectiveness at the word, sentence, and paragraph levels. We focus on capitalization, missed and repeated words, grammar, syntax, sentence structure, accurate word choices, verb tense, punctuation, paragraph, and sentence length.

Substantive (Developmental) Editing

We evaluate your manuscript as a whole to focus on big-picture structural problems of coherence and logical consistency that may significantly alter the manuscript. We may recommend changes to remove or add sentences, as well as to rewrite, condense, or expand paragraphs and ideas. We aim to improve the overall presentation and flow of your story and narrative while keeping your original concepts and style.

Manuscript Evaluation

We provide a diagnosis of the manuscript that highlights where changes may be most beneficial. We will assess your manuscript with careful attention to detail, then provide a written analysis. For fiction, this includes a critique of plot development and characterization. For nonfiction and academic works, our feedback identifies any unsupported or underdeveloped points or arguments.


We will amend your document text to ensure it complies with the required format, such as those required by specific journals and publishers.

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