Episode 6: The Imperfect Art of Medicine

Why is it so hard to change people’s minds and behaviors with new facts? We explore this question by looking at it through the lens of pediatrics—the branch of medicine that involves the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents. More specifically, we focus on new information about infant food allergy. Dr. Ron Sunog joins me to discuss his new book, Eat The Eight: Preventing Food Allergy with Food and the Imperfect Art of Medicine, published by The Nasiona and available now on Amazon.

In 2015, after a landmark medical study proved that the early inclusion of peanut in the diet of infants prevents peanut allergy, Ron Sunog, MD, set out to develop a great first peanut food for infants. When most physicians and parents did not embrace this important new information, Dr. Sunog was determined to understand why. Eat The Eight, examines how difficult it is to acquire and understand good medical evidence, the complex web of reason and emotion through which people filter medical information, and the imperative to thoughtfully temper the science of medicine with the art of medicine. Parents will learn how a healthful diet can be key to reducing their infant’s risk of developing food allergy.

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Eat The Eight: Preventing Food Allergy with Food and the Imperfect Art of Medicine, by Ron Sunog, MD, is available in paperback and on Amazon Kindle.

Advance Praise for Eat The Eight

“An entertaining and provocative book that explores the evidence behind infant feeding advice. Clearly, it is time for pediatricians to recommend that infants ‘Eat the Eight!’”
—Carolyn Sax, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School


Ron Sunog, MDDR. RON SUNOG grew up in New York, earned his MD at Boston University’s accelerated six-year medical program, completed his Residency and Chief Residency in pediatrics at Boston City Hospital, and has been in pediatric practice for over thirty years. He lives near Boston with his family and has a longstanding interest in healthy eating.



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