Episode 30: Global International African Arts Movement, Part 1

Listen to our 2-part conversation with Tori Reid and Patrick A. Howell of Victory & Noble on The Nasiona Podcast‘s episodes 30 and 31 “Global International African Arts Movement,” which are both part of our Deconstructing Dominant Cultures Series.

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Episode 30: Global International African Arts Movement, Part 1

Read the transcript of the interview here.

It was a pleasure to speak with the two complementing spirits behind Victory & Noble, a storytelling company. In this 2-part conversation for our Deconstructing Dominant Cultures Series, Tori Reid and Patrick A. Howell — children of cultural and intellectual icons — reveal their own legacy project, and their energy and determination are sure to inspire, educate, and transform.

Both Tori and Patrick — with Victory & Noble, with their podcast and books, and all of their projects under development — move us forward with a critical optimism rooted in both the real struggles of our past and our present, but also a futurism grounded in the belief that we have the power to not only imagine but also harvest a tomorrow that is brighter than today.

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Dispatches from the Vanguard: The Global International African Arts Movement Versus Donald J. Trump, by Patrick A. Howell.

Go here to read Tori’s and Patrick’s book recommendations: “10 Books for Cosmic Flying, Clarity, and Revelations from Victory & Noble.”


Tori Reid is the consummate Hollywood insider and producer with extensive entertainment experience in film and television programming from concept to release.  She has an eye for original, revelatory content and a love for filmmaking. Tori is proud to be CEO of Victory & Noble, a storytelling company, as well as host/producer of V&N’s podcast, Here’s To Life with Tori Reid:  Inspiring Conversations with Icons, Culture Makers and Outliers.  She is also completing her debut nonfiction work, Love Yourself Through It. Her mission is clear – to inspire, educate, and transform others globally through film, television, literature, and digital media. 

Tori’s forthcoming book, Love Yourself Through It, is an intimately candid memoir with a conversational tone that takes the reader through the beautiful struggle of finding one’s center and indefinable truth. It shows how much we’re all the same, experiencing highs, lows, and the “why am I here” moments, only to realize the whiplash of it all is for the soul’s purpose of achieving peace, freedom, and the power to champion one’s own life. Love Yourself Through It is like that best friend who comforts you through the tough times, and then asks the tough questions that require you to be honest with yourself out loud. Love Yourself Through It helps to show how we are all worthy of the gifts of self-love… no matter what life is saying to you.

Instagram: @victory_noble & @iamtorireid

Patrick A. Howell is an award-winning banker, entrepreneur, and writer. His first work was published with the UC Berkeley African American Literary Review and Quarterly Black Book Review. Mr. Howell, is a frequent contributing writer to the Huffington Post, Los Angeles Review of Books, and has been cited in national platforms as equities.com, NBC BLK, and The Grio. Howell’s integrated book of poetry-design, Yes, We Be, was published by Jacar Press in February of 2018. His non-fiction book Dispatches from the Vanguard: The Global International African Arts Movement versus Donald J. Trump was published in the summer of 2020 by Repeater Books in London and distributed by Penguin Random House. Last summer he graduated the Leopardi Writer’s Conference in Recanati, Italy, to complete work on Quarter ’til Judgement Day, a coming of age experimental fiction work.

In his new book, Dispatches from the Vanguard, the public academic, author, and activist Rachel Elizabeth Cargle writes: “There has never been a time of great uncertainty that didn’t produce a windfall of brilliance from the Black community. Dispatches from the Vanguard has collected the wisdom, depth, creativity, insight, joy, critique, hope and brazen boldness from the current windfall being borne out of the crisis that is the current administration. And why does a collection like this mean so much? Because it allows us to transcend by way of the words of those voices we value so much. They lead us, they teach us, and they remind us what is possible. This is a book for those who, in the words of Audre Lorde, are ‘deliberate and afraid of nothing’.”

Instagram: @victory_noble


Julián Esteban Torres López (he/him) is a bilingual, Colombia-born journalist, publisher, podcaster, author, researcher, educator, editor, and culture worker with Afro-Euro-Indigenous roots. He’s a Sr. DEI Consultant at Yardstick Management. Before founding the social justice storytelling organization The Nasionahe ran several cultural and arts organizations, edited journals and books, was a social justice and public history researcher, wrote a column for Colombia Reports, taught university courses, and managed a history museum. He’s a Pushcart Prize and Best Small Fictions nominee and has written two books on social justice. Torres López holds a bachelor’s in philosophy and in communication and a master’s in justice studies from University of New Hampshire and was a Ph.D. candidate at University of British Columbia Okanagan, where he focused on political science and Latin American studies.

Twitter and Instagram: @je_torres_lopez


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